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Customising Services

Individuality has many facets and faces. This is why we offer you a comprehensive, all-round service.
We have the technical competence for an all-in solution. What can we do for you?

(1) Moulded in holes,
(2 milled holes, available from 100 pcs
Decide in favour of Bernic – Proudly made in Denmark. 
From standard to your product solution

Look at our comprehensive standard range and select the case that best matches your product ideas, your components and the needs of your customer.

In the next step you merely have to tell us what you still need for your own very personal product. Together with you we choose the  necessary modifications from our wide range of services – ideal in terms of price, quality and delivery time – to meet your specific requirements.

Services and technical information about milling and moulded holes and treads…

And what if your requirements go beyond our standard services? No problem. 40 years of experience in the development of cases are only waiting to help you realize your own individual solution.

Customer design, from the concept to series-type production

We are pleased to pass on to you our years of experience in the development and manufacture of plastic cases. From development to series-type production, we can offer you the solution you need, for any quantity.

Through the combination with standard parts, you benefit from the attractive relationship between investment and usefulness.

Your advantage: One supplier with a global logistics system for the complete “Electronic packaging” module. All you have to do is to install the electronics in the case.

Best practice for customization drawings

To provide you with the best result and price, please follow these guidelines.

Please note!
The smallest tool we use is Ø 1.5mm
Due to the nature of the material the tolerance is +/- 0.2mm

  • All measurements must be in millimeters and the measuring should be made from one corner of the enclosure or from the center of the enclosure. Do not measure from several sides of the enclosure as the tolerances of the material means that the enclosures can have very slight variations.
  • Do not make your measurements too tight, as this often causes problems when assembling the final product. E.g., If you want an Ø3mm LED to protrude through the front panel, you should make the hole a little bit larger than needed. Making the hole Ø3.4 mm will ensure that it will fit even with slight variations on the PCB or enclosure.
  • If possible, you should send your PCB with the components attached that needs to protrude or be seen through the milled openings, if you have a label for the enclosure, please also include this along with the order. Having the PCB and/or label, means that we can make small adjustments in production if needed, and ensures that we can make you a product that fits perfectly. This will save you both time and money as you avoid having to get multiple samples made before the enclosure fits your PCB.
  • Make sure you clearly indicate the different sides in your drawing, by either showing the numbers on the enclosure or indicating the small and large holes on the ends of the enclosure, or what way the clip will be facing.
  • For a small fee you can send us your labels and PCB with all elements attached, and we can do the measurements and ensure that you get a good fit. Some customers prefer this option instead of creating a drawing.

Decide in favor of Bernic – Proudly made in Denmark