New range of low cost DIN-rail enclosures.

A very basic two parts construction that can do most things or with added covers. With the advantage of the building lock method you can flexibly build your own DIN-rail enclosure with the possibility of mixing covers with different openings for connectors and ventilation.

It gives not only very wide options of connections, but also design wise it offers virtual custom specific enclosure/designs. Due to designed covers it is possible to add different and individual features to the design.

The new rail mounted enclosure is ideal for applications requiring a housing for smaller PCBs and minimal DIN-rail space loss. It has sleek lines, making this an attractive packaging medium for applications such as home/building automation.

This enclosure has been designed according to DIN 43 880, providing the dimensions and specifications required for installation component standards.

Conforming to VBG 4 and IEC529/DIN VDE 0470-1, the enclosure prevents accidental shock and injury while meeting the requirements of the automation industries. This new housing enables users to incorporate up to 8 vertical PCBs and 3 top horizontal PCBs.

The top horizontal PCB is ideal for holding signaling devices/indicators and switches. Fully populated, the terminal blocks have a maximum of up 48 terminals screw clamp terminals.

For applications not requiring all 12 I/O positions or requirements for additional internal space, selective loading may be done with empty positions being filled with blind plugs.

Main Features

Factory custom assembled enclosures as one part no.Dimensional size per DIN 43 880, component size 1Mountable to DIN rails meeting DIN 46 277 and DIN EN 50 022 (35mm).Ease of assembly due to snap-together designOne or two main PCBs (vertical) or up to 6 horizontal PCBs. Blind covers and ventilated covers may be utilized in-place of terminal blocks for maximum space utilization. Customer-specific colours and designs available upon request.

Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics:

Degree of Protection: IP 20


Upper Housing Shell ABS

Lower Housing Shell ABS

Operating Temperature -40 °C .... +75 °C



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